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Welcome To Metec International School


Run by Metec Charitable Trust


To be affiliated to ICSCE, New Delhi

Learn Online

The school aims to help the children learn and know about their course curriculum. In this Pandemic situation when the kids cannot go to the school, we are bringing their classroom to their home through Online platform, so that their learning do not get interrupted. Interactive games, Videos and animations are given to keep the child engaged and making the digital learning effective.

Expert Teachers

Teaching is a dynamic process, In our School Teachers are well educated and trained. The Teachers caters all students in the way they can understand the concept. They are having the sensitivity to address teaching as dynamic from the cognitive point of view. As our teachers believe their act and teaching, impact and influence the Student’s achievement

Best Classrooms

Students need to be in classrooms that inspire them, So the classes are spacious, lighted, airy and surrounded by green environment, as our school campus has lush green trees and plants surrounding the school building. The notice board in the class room highlights the creativity of the children. The benches are colourful to give colourful and positive vibe to our children.

About Us

Established in the year 2011, Metec International School, Barasat is one of the finest school in Barasat ,which provides healthy environment for student upliftment.Here students are guided by well educated,dedicated and trained Teachers.The founder and President of our School Mr.Pradip Majumder is highly educated and well known figure in Steel Industry.The decorum and academic upliftment is guided and monitored by Mrs ChandanaMajumder who has 35 years of experience in Educational field.

The foundation of the school was led to educate students with high principles so that they can be responsible and contributing citizen to the Nation.

Our School

Metec International School, Barasat is a proposed 10+2 school which has started its session from 2011-2012.The school is run by Metec Charitable Trust under the umbrella of Eastern Metec Group of Companies. Our school is situated in a very nice place having its own building, near National highway surrounded by a green environment. The school aims at designing perfect curriculum which balances between academic interest, cultural values and principles moving towards excellence. The school is an English medium, co-educational institution following CISCE curriculum.

Our Features

Education opens up the mind,expand it and allows you to improve your life in many ways.

Computer class

Classes on computer education is compulsory for every student from Class I onwards. As the computer centre is a place of learning and serious work.Classroom consist of updated version of computers to impart computer learning to the student

School Library

School comprises of a children library ,where the children enjoys to read different type of story books.There are books on SpaceScience ,Educational and Spiritual books which helps children to enrich their knowledge.

Transport Facility and CCTV

Transport facility is available for students.CCTV/WiFi-The school is covered by CCTV surveillance to monitor the day to day activities in school for our student’s safety.The school has WiFi connectivity to aid learning via various educational smart devices.


"Don't dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next".

Examination & Promotion

A. The school will conduct examination twice a year, a Half yearly examination ie Summative Assesment-I and Annual examination followed by class tests ie Summative Assesment-II respectively.

B. Promotion to the next class will be based on the performance of the students in this examinations accompanied with the attendance of the student in the respective class.

C. Reports of class test and terminal examination will be given in the pupils Report Card. Parents or Guardians should sign them regularly and must follow the progress of their children.

D. The evaluation of answer scripts during the examination will be in the jurisdiction of the school. No parents or outside persons have the right to check or scrutinize the answer script.

E. But if the parents and teacher both wants that the progress of the child to be looked by the guardian then answer script may be seen with permission from the principal or school authority.

F. Extra curricular Activities will be evaluated by grading system.

G. No pupil will be allowed to sit for the promotion examination if the attendance during the year is below 75%.

Concerns Parent-Teacher Meeting

A. Parent Teacher meeting will be held four times a year when the parents or guardians will meet the Class teacher and Subject teacher of their child or children to discuss about the progress of their wards.

B. Special attention will be given to the under achievers whose progress will be intimated to the guardians at regular intervals.

C. Parents and guardians are earnestly requested to cooperate with the school authorities regarding rules, lessons, home works, co-curricular activities and character training of the children.

Future Aim

Keeping in view of all aspects the Trust will provide all possible equipments to achieve its goal and making your children academically sound and profound. Though the school presently opens for P.G. to Class VIII, however every year one new higher class will be introduced. This way the school will reach to a 10+2 i.e A Senior Secondary School. Moreover the Trust aims to open professional courses as follows BBA, BCA, BE, BETECH, MBA, MCA and other administrative courses in future so that a child enters at P.G level can complete his/her studies under the same Umbrella, making himself or herself a well educated and suitable candidate for the job globally.


Every student must be present in 75% of working days of the session. No pupil should absent herself without obtaining leave previously except when it is sudden illness or unforeseen circumstances. Pupil must return after the holidays on the appointed date. In case of sickness the authority must be informed and doctor's certificate must be produced. Leave must be obtained by written application from the parents or guardians in the prescribed leave record. Students who have been absent from class must have the reason for their absence briefly noted in their regulatory records. Students who come late to school habitually may be fined or sent back home or both.